Case Study

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How Rebranding of ECU Line
to ECU Worldwide was Made Easy

ECU Line is one of the global leaders in NVOCC, rolled out a new corporate brand identity 'ECU Worldwide' with the tagline 'Geography Simplified'.

The Brief: This rebranding project aimed to change the perception of the organization. The word ‘Line’ reflected that they were a port to port operator rather than a leader in LCL and FCL consolidators. ECU Line has many offices and multiple trade lanes across the globe and hence, they have expertise and experience to manage logistics requirements from a global to local level. ECU Line wanted to rebrand its every office under one name to make this one brand look more prominent and committed. ECU Line was a legacy name and hence, they required a communication plan that could seamlessly transform the name and subtly communicate the same.

The Challenge: The challenge was to project the company as one big unit rather than smaller units working in different corners of the world in silos. Also, the challenge was to project the immense network and the great people at ECU who are always ready to serve their clients every need. However, ECU Line is not a shipping company, but a leading NVOCC player in the growing global markets that aimed at simplifying geographies through its multiple offices and trade lanes.

The Solution: Considering the brief and the challenges, our creative team brainstormed for coming up with the idea that portrays ECU Worldwide to have a single identity, though it is present in many countries. Be it any part of the world, ECU Worldwide is accessible for your service and has all the solutions to deliver your shipment; thus, simplifying geographies. In short, ‘From anywhere to everywhere’. As they have established themselves in many parts of the world, they have all the understanding of the local flavor that is needed in the field of logistics. Hence, we came up with a concept of ‘One World, One Office’ and all our communication solutions reflect it. We announced it through a film- A series of marketing collaterals followed this. We designed and developed a website as a follow-up to the film that further gave details to what a customer can expect from the rebranding of ECU Line to ECU Worldwide.